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Immobilizer repairs are not the only issues handled by 844 Ohio Key Columbus – Locksmith’s Volvo car key replacement locksmiths. Other common Volvo locksmith issues that require the attention of a certified Volvo locksmith in Columbus are; Ignition constantly getting stuck, Defective ECU, central lock malfunctioning, alarm not working, and lost or damaged Volvo car keys. If you have any of these issues affecting your Volvo automobile, feel free to contact us today at 844 Ohio Key for help. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

There are numerous problems with Volvo keys that require the attention of a locksmith in Columbus. Sometimes, your Volvo car will start and suddenly stop. This could be a complex issue that only a Volvo Locksmith should handle. In some cases, the Volvo key may become problematic and you will need a Volvo car key replacement. 


Immobilizer issues are the most common Volvo locksmith issues. We assure you at 844 Ohio Key Columbus – Locksmith that we can complete your immobilizer re-programming  to ensure that your Volvo car works again with its original locks. With this, you can avoid those expensive dealership Volvo locksmith services. 844 Ohio Key’s expert locksmiths are also capable of performing data swap from an original but faulty Volvo immobilizer to a donor unit, thus enabling the immobilizer to work on another vehicle, without the need for reprogramming. Only a versatile and experience locksmith can perform such operations for your Volvo vehicle.

Have your keys accidentally break off inside the car ignition? Have you forgotten your car keys in the office or at home or probably misplaced it and you have no clue where you can locate it? Feel free to contact us today to have your Volvo vehicle key replaced from 844 Ohio Key Columbus – Locksmith’s expert locksmiths. We have the modern and efficient tools that will help us perform key duplication even when the original key is not present. Perhaps you need to show proof that you are the owner of the car and we will give you an affordable price before we perform the Volvo vehicle key remake.

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If your Volvo car is manufactured after the year 1995, it is very likely it comes with a transponder chip – this chip can become de-programmed and you will need a locksmith for your Volvo to re-program it. Have you noticed steering column lock issues on your Volvo car? Contact 844 Ohio Key today for further assistance. Our Columbus’ locksmiths makes use of the right diagnostic tools and Volvo vehicle key remake, to handle all sorts of Volvo key issues you may have. 

A car is an important personal investment, but owning one, whether it is a new car or a used car, takes a lot of hard work. It has to be well taken care of to ensure its reliability and prevent breakdowns. Used cars especially need extra attention as they are more difficult and more expensive to maintain than new cars.

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Locksmith Columbus is focused on excellence which is exactly why we strive to provide you with a wide range of services to cater your every need. Our team of Columbus OH locksmiths are always at your service.

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Car Key Brands We Serve

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If you’ve lost or broken your automobile key, you no longer need to wonder about the way you are going to get a new one, just contact our customer service team and we will send a proficient Car Locksmith right to your place to complete our Automobile Key Replacement service on the spot so you can have access for your vehicle once again.

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