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Volkswagen Car Key Replacement Dublin

Need a replacement Volkswagen Car Key? Have you lost or broken your only key? This can be a right expensive unnecessary pain. We specialize in Volkswagen Car Replacement. Whether it be Key Cutting or Repairs we have you covered. We operate a mobile service and can supply Volkswagen car key replacement Dublin at a much lesser cost than main dealers.

Don’t pay main Volkswagen dealer’s crazy amounts of money for the same Volkswagen keys we cut and repair. Give us a call and speak with a Volkswagen Key Specialist in Torrance which can advise you on the correct course of action to take about your key requirements.



Have you ever said to yourself: “Why did I lock my keys in the car?” You’re not the only one. Hundreds of people need lose their Volkswagen car keys every day. We have many years of experience with helping drivers who have locked themselves out by providing car re-entry. We are equipped with the most advanced car locksmith tools and technology available so that we can get your car door open without causing any damage to the vehicle.


Transponders are hidden inside the molded top of the key. In simplest terms it’s a radio transmitter/receiver device that is programmed into the computer of the car. If the corresponding key to the computer is not used on the car, the car will not start. Losing transponder keys is a major problem if no spare keys are available. Some cars require the actual Engine Computer Module to be replaced, making it an extremely expensive adventure. A spare key could save you thousands. Our car locksmiths in Saturn are equipped with all the computer programming equipment needed to duplicate your keys accurately, while you wait.

Volkswagen Car Key Replacement Dublin

The Best Car Key Changing Service in Dublin

We will assess the damage to your Volkswagen Car Key, and either repair or replace it quickly and effectively. Our car key technician will also conduct an assessment of your transponder, key blade and key battery to make sure you get the best possible service.

A car is an important personal investment, but owning one, whether it is a new car or a used car, takes a lot of hard work. It has to be well taken care of to ensure its reliability and prevent breakdowns. Used cars especially need extra attention as they are more difficult and more expensive to maintain than new cars.