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Security Hardware Columbus Ohio

Consultation and Installation Available for Columbus Ohio Residents

Conscious of the need to make your home safe and secure, 844 Ohio Key offers several hardware products designed for this purpose. We have the best names in hardware and locks that will protect your property, minimize security worries while improving peace of mind. We offer ADA-compliant mortise or cylindrical door keys made by Corbin Russwin; Sargent Latches which are perfect for securing closets when you’re away on vacation etc.; Locks from some of America’s most trusted brands like Schlage – all available at 844 Ohio Keys!

  • Door Locks – Installing deadbolts on all your exterior doors will give you peace of mind that the criminals won’t be able to easily break-in. You can also convert a door’s locks into latch type, which means they’ll need something metal against them when closing time comes around for customers who are leaving work or school!

  • Door Closes – Having your business doors automatically close could help keep you within regulatory compliance and build efficiency in the home or business.
  • High-Security Locks – are perfect for homes and businesses that want extra protection. These locks can be installed to make sure your property is safe from would-be intruders, even if they’re equipped with powerful tools like electric drills!

  • Keypad Locks – With a keypad lock, you can give your family and friends easy access to the home without having keys.