Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio Skyline

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Are you considering a move to Columbus, Ohio? If so, you’ll want to check out the neighborhoods that are considered the safest in the city. According to Neighborhood Scout, these are the areas you’ll want to consider if peace of mind is your number one priority. Whether you’re moving with your family or looking for a place to retire, these neighborhoods will give you what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at them now!

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Columbus


$743 median monthly rent; median home price $209,483. 95% of Ohio cities are safer than Cleveland. Ideal For: Students, young professionals, and families. Population: 30,675. 

Looking for singles and young professionals areas in Columbus? Visit Clintonville! Clintonville, located 15 minutes north of Downtown Columbus, is a great mix of urban and suburban amenities. Younger Columbus residents adore this region for its greenery, trendy cafes and pubs, and affordable apartments and houses. Aside from the numbers, this area has a strong sense of community, making it a great place to relocate. Clintonville inhabitants are warm and friendly. Walk around this area and you’ll be greeted with smiles.

Clintonville Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus Park of Roses has one of the country’s largest rose gardens. Go fishing, tennis, or hiking at Antrim Park. Yoga Happiness Studio offers yoga classes and Thai yoga massages. Small Talk is a trendy local women’s store. Hot Chicken Takeover is one of Columbus’ top fast-food joints. Enjoy a Kabob Sandwich, Whole Red Snapper, or Lamb Chops at Lavash Cafe. Invite the group to Portia’s Cafe for a vegetarian lunch with unique wraps and a great coffee bar. Or try GROWL’s rotating craft beers, boutique wines, and traditional liquors!

Antrim Park Columbus, Ohio

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The median buying price is $337,683; the median monthly rent is $395. 95% of Ohio cities are safer than Cleveland. Ideal For: Families, seniors. Population: 13,786. 

Bexley, a calm and charming suburb about ten minutes east of downtown, is one of the safest areas in Columbus. Though certain areas of the neighborhood have greater home values, Bexley is noted for its roomy single-family homes with huge yards. Bexley also boasts several neighborhood parks, family-friendly activities, and good educational possibilities.

Bexley House Columbus, Ohio

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Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens for an afternoon. Visit the Schumacher Gallery on the Capital University campus to see changing art exhibits ranging from watercolors to cultural sculptures. The Asian Festival features dance, art, and authentic Asian cuisine. Watch a movie at the Drexel Theatre. Visit The Top Steak House, one of Columbus’ best restaurants, for a substantial steak and a Gin Martini. Dine on a Corned Beef Sandwich or a Western Omelette. Or indulge in a scoop of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in flavors like Dark Chocolate Truffle and Texas Sheet Cake.

Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Columbus, Ohio

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Grandview Heights

$295,400 median buying price; $1,092 median monthly rent. Crime rate: safer than 75% of Ohio cities. Ideal For: Singles, young professionals, and families. 

Grandview Heights, one of Columbus’ original suburbs, is popular with young professionals and families looking to live close to downtown without paying downtown costs. This popular Columbus area is known for its affordable housing, close proximity to Ohio State University, top-rated schools, and proximity to some of the city’s greatest restaurants and nightlife spots.

Grandview Heights Columbus, Ohio

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Play putt-putt and eat pizza at Miner 49er. Enjoy a summer day at Wyman Woods Park with the kids or your dog. Join your pals to beat the time and solve one of Breakout Games‘ many challenges. Visit Grandview Theater and Drafthouse to see the latest movies or cult oldies. Breakfast at DK Diner, a neighborhood favorite with some of Columbus’ greatest doughnuts. Spagio serves European and Pacific Rim fusion dishes including Pan Seared Scallops and Cajun Spiced Cioppino. Visit Third & Hollywood for their Zin-Braised Short Ribs. Relax on the Ohio Taproom’s terrace with a nice craft beer. Or go to Woodlands Tavern for live music, good cuisine, and inexpensive beer.

Breakout Games Columbus, Ohio

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Northwest Columbus

Median buying price: $176,663; median monthly rent: $844. 93 percent safer than Ohio cities Suitable For: Singles, families, and retirees. Population: 45,000. 

Northwest Columbus is one of the city’s most diverse areas. With a population of over 80,000, this Columbus neighborhood offers a safe, suburban vibe, plenty of green space, and affordable housing. Parents with children will appreciate the well-rated schools in the Dublin City Schools area.

Northwest Columbus Columbus, Ohio

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At Pins Mechanical Company, you may play duckpin bowling, pinball, and bocce. Cross the Scioto River to shop at The Mall at Tuttle Crossing, Columbus’ largest indoor mall. Plan a picnic at Hayden Falls Park, a magnificent riverside park with a 35-foot waterfall. Diamond’s Ice Cream serves popular Mexican dishes including Elote and ice cream. The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro serves bison strip loin and baby back rack of lamb. Amul India has great Samosas and Chicken Makhani. Or have a few beers and a game of pool at Traditions Tavern.

Scioto River Columbus, Ohio

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Rent: $882 median monthly rent; median purchasing price: $251,400. 57 percent of Ohio cities have lower crime rates. Ideal For: Families, seniors. Population: 14,786. 

Worthington, a great suburb of Columbus, is located just north of the city. Worthington is a terrific destination for families and retirees searching for a calm place to live. This cheap Columbus neighborhood also has large outdoor recreation areas, kid-friendly businesses, and one of the city’s greatest farmers’ markets.

Worthington Columbus, Ohio

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Worthington Farmers Market has jams, flowers, and fresh fruit. Play basketball or run around on the playground in Indianola Park. Take a painting workshop or view the McConnell Arts Center’s collection. The Ohio Railway Museum is a great place to learn about railroads and locomotives. Visit The Whitney House for Seared Ruby Red Trout and Chile-Braised Pork Shank. Over The Counter serves a colorful cuisine with foods like Corn Dog Bites and Grilled PB&J. Or try Mrs. Goodman’s Baking Co’s Snickerdoodle and Red Velvet Cupcakes.

McConnell Arts Center's Columbus, Ohio

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Brewery District

Population: 5,866. The median price of a home is $299,900. Safety: more secure than 87% of the homes in Ohio. 

The Brewery District comes in last, although certainly not last in importance. This neighborhood can also be referred to as the Old German Brewing Core, and it is situated in the southern portion of the city’s economic district. The Brewery District has a crime rate that is 38 percent lower than the average for the United States, and it is safer than 87 percent of the cities in Ohio.

Brewery District is, as one might think from the name of the neighborhood, the place to go if you enjoy going to craft beer bars and listening to music. This trendy and vibrant neighborhood is a favorite destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Brewery District Columbus, Ohio

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Victorian Village

Population: 9,866. The median price of a home is $380,866. Safety: more secure than 97% of the homes in Ohio. 

The district known as Victorian Village is, as the name suggests, characterized by the prevalence of Victorian-style buildings. In addition to its stunning appearance, it has a location that provides easy access to a variety of points of interest. Walking will take you to the downtown area, Ohio State University, and the local bike trail all of which are within reach.

In spite of the fact that Victorian Village was home to a significant amount of criminal activity a few decades ago, the neighborhood is currently 74% less dangerous than the rest of the city. Because the streets are well-lit, you won’t feel unsafe even if you’re having a conversation late at night.

Victorian Village Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus Crime

With the exception of Columbus, which is not included on the FBI’s list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the United States, crime is a significant issue throughout the state of Ohio.

It is estimated that there is one in 203 possibilities that you may become a victim of a violent crime. Rape, murder, assaults, and robberies are all examples of violent crimes. On the other hand, the likelihood of you becoming a victim of a crime against property is one in every 29 times. Theft, breaking and entering, and car theft is all types of property crimes. The rate of violent and property crime in Columbus is noticeably lower when compared to that of comparable areas in the United States. The FBI conducted an investigation, and these data indicate what they found.

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