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Safe Services Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio's Trusted Safe Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Company

There’s nothing more important than the things we hold closest to our hearts. That is why safes offer an excellent way for you to protect your heirlooms, jewelry, and photos from being touched by anyone but yourself or those with permission.
We at 844 Ohio Key can help you find the right safe to safely store your firearms, small wall safes for passports, and financial documents or jewels. We also make sure that it’s transported properly so we maximize its effectiveness!

Safe maintenance and repair - It's a must!

When a safe starts to feel sluggish or its dial doesn’t align, it could be time for Columbus Ohio locksmiths. There are dozens of potential issues that can render your safes inoperable including improper maintenance but others may happen without warning like dead batteries on digital models- which require replacement parts.

Our safe experts will disassemble your dial lock mechanism, clean and oil all the components so that they can last longer. They’ll also replace worn-down parts before it breaks or fails during a crisis situation – ensuring you never need to worry about being able to open up your precious storage space! Scheduling regular maintenance with us ensures this happens seamlessly every time without fail.

Safe repairs, Maintenance, Installation and Moving Services

When it comes to safes, there are a variety of issues that can arise. From doors not opening properly or broken dials and problems caused by uneven floors all the way down into something as simple but important for safety- key placement mistakes -you need someone with specialized training and knowledge on how to diagnose an accurate diagnosis so they know what fix will get your safe back up & running again!
  • Safe Opening and Repair
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Changing of Combination
  • Repair of Handle and Bolt work
  • Replacement of Safelock/Repair
  • Upgrades from Mechanical to Electronic Lock
  • Installation and Delivery
  • Onsite Relocation
  • Setting up and Balancing
  • Disposal and Removal

Get the Right Safe for You and Your Family or Business

The best way to keep your valuables safe is by installing an effective theft deterrent. A smaller, more portable model may be easily lifted and wheeled out of a home or business but it needs proper anchors in order for this technique really work as well as preventative measures against criminal activity! Safes also have doors that need level floors; otherwise, they can swing shut unexpectedly causing injuries among other things so installation becomes important before anything else. The Columbus Ohio safes experts at 844 Key have a thorough understanding of safe technology and can disassemble all mechanisms, clean them or replace worn parts during maintenance. They’re also adept at properly anchoring your new security device in floor joists between studs as well concrete foundations for stability- no matter where you want to place it!