Locksmith Services Columbus

All About Locksmith Services

At some point in our lives, we are all going to call upon the services of a locksmith. A professional locksmith provides a range of locksmith services which include installing, repairing, and opening locks in cases of lockouts. Today, we live in a highly technological world, and various types of complicated locks are available in the market. The locksmith industry has extended to electronic locks and state-of-the-art security systems which are installed in your home, car or commercial business. For that reason, you will need a professional and highly skilled locksmith service for better guidance and assistance. 844 Ohio Key is the locksmith company you can trust. Here are the varieties of locksmith services that exclusive depending on your circumstance.

Locksmith For Cars

With the ever increasing detailed electronics in today’s cars, it is no longer just a matter of cutting keys. In some cases, chips have to be programmed. At 844 Ohio Key, we have all the necessary expertise and equipment to perform these specialist auto locksmith services. We deal with all kinds of cars ranging from big trucks to small vans. If you are to lose your car keys or accidentally lock them inside the car, only a skilled locksmith will be able to help you have access to your vehicle. This can only be done by a trained and professional auto locksmith. So, are you in a stressful car lockout situation? Our professional, reliable and affordable auto locksmiths are here at your service. Our 24-hour car locksmith services include duplication of lost ignition keys, extraction of broken ignition keys, transponder chip key programming, GM VAT keys, and much more.

Car key in hand

Commercial Locksmith

You have worked hard to build up your business, and you would want to protect it as much as you possibly can. You business must be protected, and the value and privacy of your clients upheld.At 844 Ohio Key, we know how important the security of your firm is, and we guarantee fast and reliable commercial locksmith services. We can help you in protecting your business by installing alarm systems, panic bars and exit locks, master key systems, and much more. It does not matter whether your business is in an office or industrial building, we will offer you the best security options.When locked out of the office, there’s no more need to cancel your day’s work or break your window.

Our other commercial locksmith services include:

● Installing top security locks and special doors
● Re-keying the existing locks
● Consultation on all commercial security systems
● Replacing and repairing locks

Residential Locksmith

As a homeowner, you will always need the services of a reliable and professional locksmith. Your child may misplace the keys to your main door, or you may have a lockout with your keys inside. If you have ever faced these situations, you understand how important a quick locksmith service can be. Our residential locksmith service offers a complete solution to all these situations. We always make sure that your doors are secure at all time and provide you with a peace of mind. Our fully-equipped and skilled residential locksmiths ensure that your home is never vulnerable even during such stressful situations. As a fully insured and certified company with many years of experience, 844 Ohio Key will unlock your doors, fix your locks, and perform all residential locksmith services to help you feel safe.

Other residential locksmith services include:

● Deadbolt and door knob installation
● Garage lock installation, replacement, and repair
● Mailbox and window locks
● Keyless entry door installation

Emergency Locksmith

At one point or another, you find yourself in a situation where you need an emergency locksmith service. This happens to almost everyone. You never know where and when you may need an emergency locksmith service. It is important to be well prepared for such a situation and be ready with the perfect locksmith team to handle your emergency. 844 Ohio Key is the locksmith company you can trust in these situations. We have plenty years of experience working day and night and solving many emergency locksmith situations. Our locksmith experience is crucial when you need a locksmith solution right away. We provide affordable and quick emergency locksmith response 24 hours, seven days a week. When you contact us, we dispatch our emergency locksmith immediately to your location. Whether you are locked out of your business, home or car; we’ve got you!

Make sure your property is safe and secure. With such a wide variety of locksmith services, you are guaranteed that all your locksmith needs would be met.