How to Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

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You lock your doors at night and during the day when you leave the house, but is that really enough to keep the burglars out? Unfortunately, locking your doors is just one part of deterring would-be thieves. 

Keypad Installation by a professional locksmith Columbus Ohio 844 Ohio Key

According to recent statistics, there’s a one in thirty chance that your home will be burglarized. That’s a pretty high statistic, and it’s definitely something worth being concerned about. However, there are a number of things you can do to help keep your home safe from burglars. We’ve pulled together 5 great tips below that should assist you in ensuring you have a safe home. 

Statistic: Burglary rate in the United States in 2020, by state (per 100,000 inhabitants) | Statista
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Burglars will try any way they can to get into your house. The best defense is a good offense and having an approved alarm system helps guarantee that you won’t be leaving yourself vulnerable by not securing all of the proper entry points into your property with locks or windows.

Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe

Secure Your Doors And Windows

Locking your home’s doors and windows will not only keep you safe from intruders but is also a great way to deter potential burglars. Make sure that when leaving the house or just sitting ducks at night time while sleeping, all ground floor entrance points (including your patio) have been secured by means like locks on-screen door handles with deadbolts set in a central position!

Secured Window with Locks

To make sure your home is safe and secure, consider installing door and window sensors as well as smart locks. These may help you track which doors or windows are left ajar while also ensuring they’re closed tight when expected!

Purchase And Use A Safe For Your Valuables

It’s a sad reality that even the best-laid plans can go astray. But when it comes down to your home, you want every ounce of protection possible for all your valuable items in order to prevent any intruders from stealing anything! No one wants their stuff to be there for the taking, right? Think about how valuable some of your possessions are; it may seem like any lock would be enough, but keeping them in a safe will go a long way!

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The best way to keep your home safe from would-be thieves is by making it difficult for them. You could install alarm systems or motion detectors, or stealth cameras around the outside — but as far as home security goes, one of the best ways is to make things hard for them by hiding valuables or putting them away when not in use. A safe or lockbox can serve as an excellent hiding spot, and even larger items such as electronics should be put away when not in use so they’re harder to find than normal household goods left out on display around the house!

Keep A Light On When Leaving Your House/Apartment

Homeowners should make sure their home looks inhabited at all times with lights on. Burglars are less likely to break into a house if they think somebody’s home. This is helpful during the day when nobody’s at home, giving the illusion that you’re probably there working at that very moment.

A light in the window


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The future of home security is now in your hands. With the rise of smart lights, you can create an even more convincing effect by programming them to turn on and off periodically throughout the day – just like someone would if they were at their house!

Install Motion-Sensor Flood Lights

Motion-sensing outdoor lights can help to keep your home safe by making the exterior of your home feel less welcoming at night. The low glow from this installation is typically enough for burglars, who won’t want their illicit actions seen or captured via a camera. That will help them see that your home is still a bad choice due to potential risks, and they’ll move on to another location.

ONfura 55W LED Flood Light Outdoor with Motion Sensor

Install Security Cameras with Night Vision

Outdoor security cameras are an excellent way to keep your loved ones and property safe. Whether you want a high-end device or a budget-friendly option, there’s always something for everyone!

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Keep Your Delivered Packages Safe

Your front porch is one place you should consider protecting with a security camera. Billions of packages are delivered every year in the US alone, and many sit unattended for hours attracting thieves. Billions of packages are delivered every year in the US alone, and many sit unattended for hours attracting thieves. It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting something from Amazon, Best Buy, or eBay – delivering packages to your front door is one of the fastest ways for your package to go missing, It’s a problem so common that a recent study found 43% of respondents had their own items stolen, which were up from 36% the past year.  

Ring Sensor in Your Mailbox


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With porch pirates on the rise, there are several methods to keep your items safe. One of these is investing in a lockbox or mailbox sensor for when you get home from work so that packages don’t sit unattended until then – requiring someone’s signature upon delivery can also help prevent this kind of theft!

Genie Secure & Smart Package Delivery Porch Box

Pets Can Keep Your Home Safe!

The right breed of dog can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home. A barking fit itching aggressive types will only discourage potential intruders, while more laid-back breeds might not do much in terms of alarm-giving, but they’ll certainly look out for you! Also, be sure to always give them treats and let them feel loved! 

The burglar might think twice about trying his luck in your neighborhood if you have a big, barking dog.

23 of the Best Guard Dog Breeds

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The reality is that no matter how secure you think your home might be, there’s always room for improvement. No matter how high-tech your security is, there’s always a possible way to break in – and thieves are becoming more skilled by the day. So, remember, the best offense is a good defense when it comes to burglars. Make sure you have an approved alarm system and secure your property with locks and windows! If you ever have any questions about security or want more information on how to keep yourself safe, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re always here to help. Thanks for reading!

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