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A brief history of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus was founded as a political center and named for Christopher Columbus in 1812. The state government moved to the city from Chillicothe, Ohio in 1816; it later absorbed an earlier settlement called Franklinton (founded 1797). After significant growth due mainly because of transportation options like canals which opened up land access with increased commerce possibilities along these routes came about via railroads arriving throughout 1850’s.

Columbus, Ohio is a city with a rich history that spans back over two centuries. From its humble beginnings as a small fort to its current status as a major metropolis, Columbus has always been a city on the move. This blog post provides an overview of Columbus’ history, from its early days to the present day. If you’re visiting Columbus or just interested in learning more about this fascinating city, then be sure to check out this blog post!

The city of Columbus, Ohio has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1790. 

In 1880 the population was only 12 thousand people but over 100 years later it had grown into an industrial powerhouse with nearly 2 million residents! Unprecedented growth occurred after 1940 when American industries began relocating here following World War II – this event led many branches from national companies to be attracted by what seemed like fertile land for commerce opportunities; between 1950-2000 our borders more than doubled (an increase five times greater!)

Interesting Facts about Columbus Ohio

The Underground Railroad in Ohio

The Underground Railroad was a system that helped African Americans escape from slavery. It operated in every state and across Canadian borders, providing freedom seekers with safe passage to Canada where they could be free again–though not legally recognized as such until the 1860s with The Civil War’s ending & reconstruction era policies coming into play afterward; even so, there were many stops along these routes specifically set up for this purpose including ones within Ohio (such at Hebron) which offered refuge before transporting passengers further northward towards its ultimate destination: Toronto. The UGRABEEN railroad consisted mainly of fewer than twenty-forestry instruments called “stations.”

underground railroad map of ohio

Abraham Lincoln's relationship with Ohio

He worked on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as well, but he also spent time working in New Salem.
Lincoln’s work experience during his formative years showed him to be an extremely versatile individual with skills that would help shape America into what it is today – one who sacrifices their happiness for others.

Abraham Lincoln Sitting

How did Columbus get its name?

The city of Columbus, Ohio was founded in 1812 and named after Christopher Columbus. The explorer is often called ‘the father’ of America because he formed several settlements across what would become Spanish-speaking countries during his lifetime; including Cuba (Isla Española), Puerto Rico(Las Californias), AND Southern United States along the east coast from North Carolina up through Virginia!

Portrait Of Christopher Columbus

The Growth and Development of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a city that has seen a great deal of growth and development in its time. From its humble beginnings as a small settlement on the banks of the Scioto River to becoming one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Midwest, Columbus has experienced many changes and made a significant impact on the region and the country as a whole. 

Scioto Mile Skyline with Rich St. Bridge

The city of Columbus is located in the south-western region of America, and it’s home to many different types of industries. The early 21st century saw this area grow with education being one such sector seeing rapid expansion; health also did well due to its proximity both nationally as well internationally through airports like OSU’s Mirror Lake Airport which connects Ohio State University campus life right into town limits!

the oval Columbus Ohio

During the nineteenth century, new transportation systems formed and Ohio became more accessible. Turnpikes originated for people living on both sides of a mountain range or river could travel across it without difficulty; water-based transit like steamboats made transporting goods cheaper than land-based methods did before then too! Canals came about as well during these times because they allowed you easy access from one end up towards another just by going downstream.

Columbus Street Cars

The first cargo flight took place in Ohio, making it a mecca for aviation enthusiasts. Many great innovators and pioneers have called this state home including Orville Wright who invented the airplane while he served as an Army engineer during World War II before going on to found what would become known worldwide simply “The Airplane Company.” Other famous names associated with early aerial craft development include Curtiss Firm which produced America’s very first military pilotless drone aircraft — used successfully by US forces.

Cargo Flight Ohio

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