Fun facts about Columbus, Ohio

Fun facts about Columbus Ohio

Did you know that Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest and most populated cities in the United States of America? Or that it’s home to some of the best universities and research institutions in the world? There’s so much to discover about Columbus – from its rich history to its vibrant culture. Here are just a few fun facts about this amazing city!

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and was established in 1812. This city has had many competitors to be chosen as a site for government, such as Dublin, Franklinton (which would later become part of Columbus), Delaware County, and Waverly Hills Mill Ruins National Historic Site. It was decided on this region due to its central location within OHIO with access routes like rivers that made it ideal – there were even more qualifications needed before they could make their choice!

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12 Fun Facts about Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is a city that offers something for everyone. From museums and sporting events in the winter to fairs throughout all seasons or an evening at one of Columbus’ world-class theaters you are sure not to want entertainment options here!


The people of Columbus, Ohio are known as ‘Columbusites‘.

Columbus Progressing

Columbus is one of the most geographically expansive cities in America, with its borders extending in every direction. What was once just a small town on top of The Ohio River has now become a bustling metropolis that extends into Pennsylvania as well.

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LGBT in Columbus

The thriving LGBT community in Columbus is a sign of the times. In just six years, 4% more people have identified as LGBTQ than did so during Gallup’s last nationwide poll on this topic back in 2015-16! That means there are an additional 98 thousand members within city limits who identify as neither straight nor married with their spouse/partner.

Columbus Nicknames

The city of Columbus, Ohio is known by many names. Along with being called ‘Cbus’ and Cowtown‘, it’s also been christened the “Arch City” for its extensive use of arches built over major roadways to power streetcars in those days when they were powered by electricity instead of gasoline or diesel engines!

First Capital City

Ohio is one of the most historic states in America, and it’s easy to see why when you visit this beautiful corner. The first capital city was Chillicothe which stands on the banks of Ohio’s beloved Scioto River.

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First Wendy Restaurant

The Wendy’s restaurant on East Broad Street is known as the “world’s fastest-growing fast-food chain.” This location opened up in November 1969 and now has over 400 locations across North America.

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Columbus Aquarium and Zoo

Whether you’re looking for an educational or entertaining experience, there are plenty of great options when it comes to attractions in Columbus. The Aquarium and Zoo offer something unique while also being affordable tickets that won’t break your bank account!

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Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is a great place to visit on Sundays and it’s even more enjoyable with your family.

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Famous Ohio States Fan

LeBron James is the most famous Ohio State fan, but there are others who have shown their loyalty to our state. One such person happens to be an actor and voice of M&Ms; JK Simmons grew up in Worthington!

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Goodale Park

Goodale Park is one of the first three parks in America to be formed as pleasure grounds. The idea was that these spaces would give workers access to clean, open green environment while urban areas developed around them – something we know now can really help people get their mental health back!

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NFL History

The NFL was headquartered in Columbus from 1927 to 1939. This city had an NFL team, the Panhandles are considered as “the first” team that played against another professional football league member with their match-up happening back then!

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Woody Harrelson

The year 1982 must have been an interesting one, because in addition to the Playboy Club opening up shop on 30th Street near Ohio State University that same year and actor Woody Harrelson being arrested for dancing in the streets during spring break when he attempted flight from officers. He eventually pleaded guilty only to resisting arrest but also intimidated others by threatening them with violence while assaulted. This man went on to become one of America’s favorite actors!

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