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Commercial Security Systems Columbus Ohio

Specializing in Commercial Security Systems and Security Camera Setups in Columbus Ohio

Business owners have many concerns when it comes to security. theft is all around and can come in many forms, from an employee stealing money at the till during food service industry or retail businesses; fires being one of them regardless of your business specializes in sale items like clothing, etc. because they need more than just anti-theft devices for their storefront.

You may be able to avoid significant financial losses, protect your business from shut down and leave insurance claim headaches by installing a well-designed alarm system. 844 Ohio Key develops commercial security solutions that integrate fire alarms with other features such as keyless entry or cameras for complete coverage in our area!

Get an assessment today and see how we can help you secure your property such as:

  • Office buildings—Single-tenant, small office buildings, large skyscrapers
  • Industrial properties—Warehouses, garages, distribution centers, factories
  • Medical care facilities—Hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers
  • Recreational and leisure properties—Stadiums, restaurants, hotels, public buildings
  • Financial institutions—Banks, credit unions, financial planning offices
  • Rental properties—Apartment complexes, single-family homes, apartment buildings

Protect your home and business with the best security systems In Columbus Ohio

When you think about the most important things in life, feeling safe and knowing that your family or pets are protected when away from home might be at the top. It only takes one break-in for security to be shattered; therefore we should all take measures against them by installing reliable systems with exceptional monitoring services because preventing thefts is key!

844 Ohio Key is committed to providing the best possible security for your family. We are constantly working toward ensuring that each Columbus Ohio neighbor has a safe home, and we will go above and beyond in order to achieve this goal!

You deserve the best security system to protect what matters most. Don’t settle for anything but excellence when it comes time for your family’s safety and protection, call 844 Ohio Key today!

24-Hour Locksmiths & Security Experts in Columbus, OH

Whether you need ongoing monitoring and security service, home installation, or business maintenance we have a wide range of products that will suit your needs. Our staff is knowledgeable in the latest technology which allows us to provide better protection for all those who are important to us.

844 Ohio Key is the locksmith company that will be there when you need them. We offer a wide range of services from master keying and rekeying multi-family residential apartment complexes, providing video surveillance system design to installing in-house monitoring solutions as well as 24-hour emergency lockouts with one guarantee: our prices are always competitive so your budget isn’t compromised!

Why not give us a call today and find out why your neighbors in Columbus Ohio have chosen 844 Ohio Key for their home security needs? At 844 Ohio Key, we know what works best for both home and business!