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844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith is proud to announce a successful lock installation and lock repair for a private residence in Kevin Dr, Columbus, OH. We have been providing our clients with the best locksmith services in Columbus, OH for years now and we have always strived to provide the friendliest service possible. We know how it feels like to be stranded outside when we've lost our keys so we don't want to further increase your headache. 


As home security continues to progress, so does our skillset to provide you with your needs. Recently, we have installed a keypad lock or smart lock and a deadbolt lock repair for our client. A keypad lock is one of the many locks that are recently new and a more popular option for home and business security.


Now, most locks such as deadbolt locks have a lifespan of 7-15 years. This is not taking account the daily usage, maintenance, or weather conditions. In our client's case, he needed a lock repair service for his deadbolt locks as it was getting harder to operate every day. But what is lock repair? And when do I need this service?

What Is Lock Repair and When Do I Need It?

You probably think that jiggling your locks before opening a door is normal. But it's not. It is one of the situations where you need to call upon a residential locksmith for a lock repair. While you may be thinking that some of these situations are just common, they could be signs of something much deeper and more costly. Before getting into the details, however, let's first examine what exactly is a lock repair service.


The lock repair is a process done by a professional locksmith such as broken key extraction, proper alignment of the lock and strike plate for the lock to latch, lock-de icing for frozen locks, and many more. This process is necessary to regain the functionality of the lock which has lost it over time and use. A good example is when dust or rust builds up on the keyway, making it hard to insert your keys. When this happens, you need to have your locks cleaned up so that you can use them again without any problem. The good news is that now, you can actually save money from having to buy new and expensive locks thanks to a reliable residential locksmith who can do repairs on your existing ones.


Now let's go back to the situations where you need to call a residential locksmith for a lock repair:


  • Needs excessive force to turn the key.
  • Visible damage from the exterior and interior lock hardware.
  • Needs to find the sweet spot by jiggling the locks to open.
  • Frozen parts due to freezing temperatures.
  • Keys are usually stuck in the locks.
  • Scratches in the keyhole, a sign of tampering, and in need of lock rekey

Is It Better to Replace or Repair My Locks?

While a lock repair service is beneficial if you've experienced the situations above, a lock replacement will also provide you the same benefits but is slightly more costly as you will be purchasing new hardware. Now there are situations where you're better off having a residential locksmith repair the locks but if you're in the same boat as the ones we will list below, then lock replacement is what you need.


Moving to a new home - Your locks may have duplicates/copies.


Break-ins - The burglar may return to your home. Call the authorities and have a locksmith replace your locks after.


Rusted locks - These locks are beyond repair and can no longer be treated by anti-rust solutions.


Low-quality locks - Low-quality locks are easier to lock-pick. Consider using a smart lock or a higher-quality one for your home/  business.


Lost or stolen keys - A lock replacement or lock rekey are your options. A lock rekey will change the mechanism inside your lock and you’ll need a new key made by the locksmith. 

Who Do I Call For A Lock Repair or Lock Replacement?

When it comes to lock repairs or lock replacement, hiring a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith is always the best solution. Now you can install the locks yourself but you need to take into account that with a wrong lock repair or replacement, there are several things that may go wrong. Such as easy pickings for burglars, less secure homes or businesses, more costly repairs down the line, and more.


First, before you call a locksmith, you should always be vigilant. Research the company before you give them any personal information. Preferably, you need to choose one that has positive reviews on Yelp, Google maps, Facebook, and more. This will ensure you that they have a reputation to protect and will not provide you with lousy service. Another to keep in mind is their services. An experienced commercial or residential locksmith will have multiple services that they provide. If you call upon a locksmith, ask about the cost of one of their services, and if they reply with something lower than the cost of your locks, then you're talking to a bogus locksmith. A locksmith will have services that are affordable but not as extremely cheap as other locksmith businesses advertise.

And lastly, a locksmith must always comply with the local government and be fully insured and licensed. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong with the installation, replacement, or repair, you wouldn't have to pay for it from your own pockets.

Trust the Best Locksmith in Columbus for All Your Lock Repair and Replacement Needs!

At 844 Ohio Key – Columbus Locksmith, we strive to provide excellent locksmith services no matter the situation. Our team has the experience and training to provide secure, quality service you can trust. We are insured and licensed according to Ohio regulations, so you don't have to worry. Also, we take pride in being personally attentive to each customer's individual needs by embracing a positive and straightforward approach to our work. Each of our team members has an unwavering commitment to continuing this mission as a reliable locksmith provider. 


We are determined to uphold our reputation as being one of the most experienced, dependable locksmiths locally. From keypads to master keys, we will ensure that we offer only high-quality services tailored to your individual needs. Trust the best locksmith in Columbus – 844 Ohio Key – Columbus Locksmith! Contact us today for our top-notch locksmith services!


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