Avoid These 4 Types of Locks to Thwart Any Potential Lock Pickers

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Home security is the number one priority of every homeowner. There are many ways to strengthen it and locks are one of the primary ways to prevent intruders from gaining access to your property. There are a wide range of locks available on the market and they all differ when it comes to cost and effectiveness. It is important to know what types of locks are more prone to lock picking so you can avoid them and install the ones that best suit your needs.

Following are 4 types of locks that you should avoid to thwart any potential lock pickers:

1. Knob Locks

These are the most common type of locks that are found in residential homes. Knob locks are used on both internal and external doors of a property. On one side they have a rotatable knob and on the other side, a key cylinder. These types of locks are very easily compromised to brute force attacks and they are also very prone to shimming and picking. But if you must use them, then it is recommended that you install them along with a strong secondary lock i.e. a deadbolt.

2. Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are commonly used on the inner doors, particularly in commercial buildings. As the name suggests, lever handle locks use a lever that can either be swing down or up to release the bolt. Lever handle locks can be compromised through the use of brute force torque attacks and lock picking. So, you should avoid using them if possible. But if you must use them, then it is recommended that you install lever handle locks that employ ‘clutch’ levers that are effective against brute force as they don’t put pressure on the locking mechanism if force is applied.

3. Rim Latch Locks

Rim latch locks utilize a rim cylinder. They have a latch lock mounted on the surface of one side of the door and a rim latch on the other. Rim latch locks are not designed to withstand a good amount of force so you should avoid installing them if you want to prevent any potential intrusion. But if you must use them, then it is recommended that you install them along with another form of lock that is used on exterior doors.

4. Spring Latch Locks

Spring latch locks offer minimal security, but since they are very easy to install and also the least expensive, they are the choice of many homeowners. Also known as slip bolt locks, spring latch locks provide security by locking the doorknob of the door and preventing the release of the latch which is spring-loaded and fitted into the door frame. These types of locks are vulnerable in several ways. Forceful intruders can smash the lock and doorknob with a wrench or hammer. If you have them installed in your property, then it is recommended that you reinforce the wood around the doorknob with a protective metal plate to prevent this.

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