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One thing we all hate is when our car won't start. And that's exactly what happened to our customer, Jacob. He was just about to leave for work, stepped inside his car, and tried turning the key—but it wouldn't budge at all. He was frustrated and immediately looked up an Automotive Locksmith Expert in Columbus. The first thing that popped up was our name: 844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith.

Jacob contacted us when he saw our 5-star reviews, and we were at his home in Chambers Road within minutes of receiving the call. We immediately knew what the problem was: his ignition switch was broken! We fixed it quickly without him getting late for work, and he thanked us for getting there so quickly, we told him that our company is always there in case of an emergency regarding locks! He told us that if he ever had another problem with locks or keys again, he would definitely call us again!

How an Automotive Locksmith repairs Ignition Switch 

After we had a look when we arrived at Jacob’s home in Chambers, RD, it was clear that the problem was a damaged ignition switch. He said, "I know you have to have it replaced by a mechanic but I just don't have time for that.." We said, "Well, we can do it for you!" And after that, we began the process of starting with the interior.


We began by disconnecting the battery's negative terminal. The plastic trim pieces around the steering wheel were then removed by popping them off of their plastic clips or removing the bolts and screws. We did not remove the steering wheel because we could access the ignition switch; however, some models require the steering wheel to be removed. We used a screwdriver to release the clips on the ignition module cover, which is a plastic cover that surrounds the ignition.

The second part is tricky but luckily for Jacob, we’re experienced, automotive locksmiths. We now removed the ignition switch by inserting the key and turning it to the "accessory position." The ignition switch was then removed by inserting a screwdriver into the release pin inside the hole in the ignition module. It had no resistance coming out, but what we did see was normal wear and tear. We explained that Jacob wanted to keep his ignition switch the same as before, but that it would take longer and he would be late for work. As a result, he chose the other option, ignition switch replacement. Of course, we gave him the keys. We thank Jacob for using our service and wish him the best on his journey to work. 

Telltale signs you need to replace or repair the Ignition Switch

Ignition switches are among the most essential aspects of any vehicle, and it's simple to tell when one fails—so if you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's time to replace or repair your ignition switch! Typically, the ignition switch is located on the steering column, just behind the ignition lock cylinder.

Every time the vehicle is turned on and started, the ignition switch is used. It will eventually wear out and develop problems. A faulty ignition switch will usually cause any of the symptoms listed below, so know that 844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith is here to help when you need it! Our emergency automotive technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your locksmith needs. We can help you with anything from broken keys to removing them from your car's ignition to a vehicle lockout anywhere!


  • Car not starting - No luck when turning the key to start your car? It's most likely a broken ignition switch.
  • No audible sound from the starter - When you can't hear your car start after turning the car key, then it could be a blocked electrical pathway preventing your car to start.
  • Cannot turn the key - Turning the car key will be difficult due to wear and tear, and not aligning properly inside the ignition switch.
  • Stalling - Since your ignition is connected to the engine, it has the possibility of cutting off the energy supply, causing your car to stall.

Benefits of an automotive locksmith repairing or replacing your ignition switch

Like Jacob, we've all found ourselves unable to start our cars. Most of us have experienced this and it is a pain in the butt.  If you are a Columbus, OH resident and you are currently experiencing car troubles, don't stress out! You can always call a professional automotive locksmith to help you with your ignition switch or any key-related problem, whether it be commercial keys, residential keys, or automotive keys. So here’s why an automotive locksmith is more beneficial when it comes to repairing or replacing your ignition switch;

By repairing your ignition key, we can help you save money. Your car provider will most likely recommend that you replace it, which is more expensive. We are a seasoned Columbus, OH locksmith company that has been serving the community for many years. Educating us on any new and upcoming technological innovation locks in the market. We are skilled locksmiths who have mastered the tools required for any job. You can save time by hiring 844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith, just like Jacob, who arrived on time. We are obligated to provide you with the service you require without compromising quality.

Choose 844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith

Automotive locksmith experts provide a variety of services that include repairing or replacing your ignition switch. If you are experiencing any of the telltale signs, it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible. Ignition switches play an important role in starting your car and keeping you safe while on the road. When it comes to choosing a locksmith company, 844 Ohio Key Columbus Locksmith should be your top choice. We offer ignition switch repair and replacement, lock rekeys, lock installation, emergency car unlock, key duplication, and many more in Columbus. Contact us today!


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