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Some of the most secure access control systems on today’s market are keyless entry devices. These work by using either Standalone locks, Keypads, or fingerprint scanners which can all be accessed with an easy-to-use interface that only authorized personnel will have permission to use.

We at 844 Ohio Key know that many Columbus area businesses and homeowners are looking for the highest quality access control systems around. We offer magnetized locks to make sure your property is safe from intruders, with our customers feeling much safer after installing these tough yet stylish solutions in their homes or places of work!

Access Control Options:
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The access control and lockdown systems available today allow you to restrict who has permission for your building. These can be installed on interior doors, floors, or even walls- so no one except employees with the right credentials enters certain areas of this property!




Key Cards


Fingerprint Readers


Biometric Systems

How an Access Control System Can Benefit Your Business

While the goal of an access control system is to ensure only authorized people have entered into your facility, they also serve as a valuable tool in case there’s ever been some kind of incident and you need to determine exactly how or why it occurred. You can use these logging trails for things such as sharing credentials with others who are entering areas at strange times so that nobody gets stuck outside when it shouldn’t happen!

Securing your Property with Access Control Systems

With an access control system, you can regulate who enters depending on their level of authorization. These systems also track when people enter and leave which adds another layer of accountability for your business’s intellectual property as well as client’s personal information A digital or biometric-enabled security measure is often the safest way to go in order protect these assets from being compromised while ensuring that only those with appropriate permissions have easy entry into buildings at any given time

Hassle-Free Change of Access

The keycard system at your company is a great way to keep track of who has access while also being able to revoke that person’s privileges if they lose or have their card revoked. You can easily fire an employee without having any additional hassle, as all you need do in order for it to go into effect immediately after termination from work duty!

While keypad access control systems are not exclusive to large businesses with lots of employees, many pizza places and restaurants that offer delivery can be seen utilizing this type. Each driver has their own passcode which they must report when applying for the job or continuing on as an employee in case it’s revoked due to quitting; however, there’s no need for a new set since these codes don’t expire as passwords do! Key card technology provides seamless efficiency from both operational and logistic perspectives.

Protect your Property with our Cutting-Edge Detection Software

844 Ohio Key’s intrusion detection software helps law enforcement respond quickly and effectively to any illegal incursions, which in turn speeds up dispatch time for emergency responders.

Our company is committed to being your reliable partner for every access control system. We have the knowledge, flexibility, and attention to detail necessary when it comes down to providing fast attentive service that meets or exceeds all of our clients’ needs!