844 Ohio Key is committed to protecting the privacy of information shared with us. We understand that any information given to us may be sensitive. As a result, we have set up a Privacy Policy that describes how anonymous and personal information about our online service users may be collected and shared. Our policy is to use the personal information we receive from our clients solely for internal purposes and keep it confidential.

This privacy notice discloses the way 844 Ohio Key collects information, our practices and policies, and how we safeguard the private information. Please read through our Privacy Policy carefully and accept the provided Terms and Conditions before using or submitting any information to our site.

We will always update you on any changes in our policies. Review this Privacy Policy periodically to monitor any changes, and understand how your personal information will be used. 844 Ohio Key holds the rights to access and control personal information in compliance with the applicable laws.

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the information collected by The policy notifies you of the following:

1. The Confidential Information Collected
2. How We Use The Information
3. Who We Share The Information With
4. Your Access to and Control Over Information – Privacy Rights
5. How Your Information Is Protected
6. Children
7. When this Privacy Policy Applies
8. Cooperation and Compliance with Regulatory Authorities
9. Amendments to Our Privacy Policy
10. Cookies
11. Third Parties Disclosure
12. Effective Date
13. Contacting Us

The Confidential Information Collected

You will be requested for your personal and confidential information when visiting specific parts our site. The same information will be needed to agree and sign up for bulletins, mailings, and newsletters, or when getting a Locksmith quotation. On a few of our website pages, you can order for locksmith items, make demands, and sign up to get valuable materials. Confidential information collected on these pages are:

● Your Full Name
● Email address
● Physical Address
● Phone Number

When you visit our site, some information will be collected automatically. We record all these fundamental user data and use it to identify the users who visit our site regularly. We may additionally use this automatic data to send you commercials and to improve our Site.

You may opt-out of giving your vital personal data. However, you will most likely be unable to take full advantage of all our available offers services.

How We Use the Information

844 Ohio Key collects the Personally Identifiable data in many ways. We receive the information when you subscribe to our magazines, agree to e-bulletins, participate in a challenge, take an interest in locksmith studies, or login into our website using an outsider login framework (including, however not restricted to, Facebook Connect, Twitter, and so on.). We also collect the data when you register for a Web Site, webcast, or exchange show, or simply communicate with us. When you give this personal data to us, you are no longer anonymous. 844 Ohio Key secures and protects the data you provide about yourself in chats or other openly available areas of our Website.

We may use your contacts to send notifications for membership or give you information about locksmith items or the specific locksmith services you have requested from us. We may also use your contact information to send you e-bulletins or other special messages that contain valuable content and news. All individual messages you get from us will feature an opt-out option to prevent you from receiving such promotional emails and newsletters in the future. We never use the personal information given to us in ways that are not related to the ones stated above.

Who We Share The Information With

844 Ohio Key may share information with our members and business partners who share a common dedication to data protection and security. We may share Personally Identifiable information or anonymized data with commercial advertisers. You may receive screened offers from trustworthy business partners with whom we have shared your data. A significant number of our clients acknowledge getting these offers since they are relevant and valuable to their companies and homes. You are provided with an easy way to opt-out and prevent any future communications.

Once in a while, you may get information from publicists who wish to get in touch with you because of your valued connection with 844 Ohio Key. Each type of such contact will give you a chance to opt-out of receiving such emails. We can also use your personal information to send you emails and different communications that may benefit third parties. Again, each communication will provide an opt-out option to prevent any similar communications.

In line with our Privacy Policy, we regularly update our opt-out lists so that communication is not sent to the individuals who have opted-out of such communications.

Your Access to and Control Over Information – Privacy Rights

We allow you to make decisions on data collection, data use, and data sharing.You are allowed to opt-out of getting any personal correspondences and promotional emails from us. We provide you the option to “opt-out” by following the guidelines in the promotional email you get or by reaching us directly through the email address or telephone number provided on our Site. We don’t charge any fees for this service, and your request will be handled and processed within 30 days of the date on which we get it.

You have access to and control of the following information by reaching us either by email or the telephone number provided on our website:

● See what information we have about you if any
● Change any information we have about you
● Delete any information we have about you

How Your Information Is Protected

We have installed the latest security software to ensure privacy and safety. In addition to that, we regularly review our business practices and policies to be in line with the modern procedures and policies that govern the security and privacy of your personal data. Our Privacy Policy limits our employee access to private information and prevents the use and exposure of such data to non-authorized persons.

We always play it safe to ensure that your personal data is well protected. When you share personal information through our website, the information is well protected both offline and online. While we use special encryption to protect your online data, we also go an extra mile to protect your offline data. Only the employees who require your personal information for a particular task are provided access to your personal information. The PCs and servers in which we store your Personally Identifiable data are always well protected and kept in a safe environment.

We embrace the most secure data collection, processing and storage practices to secure you against unapproved access, modification, exposure or destruction of your own data. We protect your confidential information and all the shared data on our Site. Our Site is in compliance with the set standards as we look to create a safe environment for our users.


With regards to collecting and accessing confidential data from children, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) places the guardians in control. The Federal Trade Commission implements the COPPA Rule, which spells out what website administrators must do to ensure the security and well-being of children on the internet.

Our website does not offer services or locksmith products to children under 18 years old. If we receive personal information from a child under the age of 18, we will quickly delete their personal data from our site. If you see any information on our site from any user under 18 years, please get in touch with us through our provided email and phone addresses.

When this Privacy Policy Applies

Our Privacy Policy applies to all the products and services offered by 844 Ohio Key. It also applies to our members and affiliates, (for example, our advertisement services). However, it does not include the services that have separate private policies that don’t incorporate this Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy cannot be applied to the services offered by other companies or people, including services or websites that might be shown to you in search results when trying to access our site. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices of other companies who advertise our locksmith services, and who may use our name to offer the advertisements.

Our users and clients may find advertisements on our Site or links to other sites and services provided by our licensors, suppliers, promoters, supporters, licensors and others. We do not control the links or content that show up on these sites and are not liable for the privacy policies of those sites.

Cooperation and Compliance with Regulatory Authorities

We consistently review our Privacy Policy to make sure that we are in compliance with the regulatory authorities subject exclusively to the laws of the State of Ohio. We additionally adhere to a few self-regulatory systems while still cooperating with the authorities. When we receive complaints from our clients, we contact the individual who made the complaint to clean out the issues. We work with the regulatory authorities, including Ohio’s data protection regulatory authorities, to work out any issues in regards to the exchange confidential data.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change every once in a while. However, we will never reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. We will post any Private Policy changes on this page and, if the changes are big, we will give a more detailed notification (including, for specific locksmith services, we will send you an email notification of significant changes). We will also keep earlier forms of this Privacy Policy in a readily available archive for you to read and review.At 844 Ohio Key, we want to be as straightforward as possible about the changes we make to our Privacy Policy.

In most cases, we will notify you ahead of time, and your continued use of our website after the changes have been made will mean that you have accepted our Privacy Policy changes. It would be quite important to ensure that you read any such notice carefully. You may also object to any Privacy Policy changes within 20 days after they’re posted on our Website or notified to you.


Cookies are small bits of data that are exchanged to your PC. They enable us to recognize your browser, remember certain information, store your preferences, record session data, (for example, things that you add to your locksmith quotation) record data on the visited pages. Cookies are essential for us because of our large database, customized themes, and the other advanced features on our website. We voluntarily keep the information of your movements on our site. We do all this to provide better services for visitors coming back to our web page, guarantee that guests are not sent the same advertisements, and to modify our content to suit the needs of a specific user.

Most browsers accept cookies. However, the settings can be modified to block cookies. When you disable cookies, some features will be disabled. However, this will not affect your user experience.

Third Party Disclosures

We do not offer, exchange, or share your Personally Identifiable data without providing you with advanced notice. However, this does not include website hosts and other business partners who help us in running our site or directing our business. You are assured that these parties consent to keep this personal information classified. Third parties can obtain your data for legal reasons so as to secure our rights, property, or well-being.

We will only share your personal data with third parties when we have good faith that access, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary. We always protect the rights and safety of our clients and third parties, as well as our own.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Private Policy or any revised version is August 1, 2016.

Contacting Us

Should you have any questions, or want to update, delete, or change any Personal Information we hold; visit our contact page for our email address and phone number to contact us.